Golden Deed International is a charitable organization whose goal is to inspire and improve the conditions that shape the lives of underprivileged children. We are dedicated to raising and granting financial assistance to children in order to have a positive impact on their future.


As an organization, we work together to discuss what is important to enhance our children’s potential and to collaborate with partners to mobilize resources which will help us to achieve our goals. This increases the children's chances of having a more successful life.


- Vision -

To foster healthy, successful children in a safe environment


- Mission -

Golden Deed International (GDI) feeds, inspires, protects, and empowers underprivileged children from diverse communities through the provision of food, clothing, education, financial assistance, and recreational prospects.


- Value Statement -

Golden Deed International focuses on the wellbeing of the neediest children in society. Our main goal is to provide the essential needs children require to survive and develop. Our work is rooted in the five central values that inform our thinking and actions:


Integrity - We recognize that trust in all relations with others is imperative. Therefore, we take conscious steps to always demonstrate truthfulness and honesty.


Leadership - We establish an environment of excellence and continuous development and empower individuals to be proficient and resourceful.


Respect - We strive to respect others despite their differences and disparities; we treat all cultures and races with empathy, dignity and compassion.


Compassion - We attempt to alleviate destitute human conditions and aim to break poverty, damage, hurt and pain.


Advocacy - We ensure that children gain security through providing access to needed resources.

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